I have been investigating the process by which transient and fugitive identities take place while collective and cultural ones endure global osmosis in order to preserve their peculiarities. Although we live in a more cross-cultural and interconnected world we struggle to understand, communicate and express ourselves due to implications of cultural idioms, dislocations, alienations and hegemonies. Translating that to my art, I consider my surfaces as spaces of transience, interaction, dialog and transformation. They are constructed out of several intricate and interconnected visual elements. I want them to embody the complexity of the world we are living in and to represent interaction and negotiation. Identity, memory and daily encounters are the crux of my creative process. They are constructs, I believe, that form the essence of any self-awareness and they define the dynamics which shape both ephemeral and permanent identities. Traces, traits, signs and symbols are what remain when their vectors are threatened to disappear or already vanished. I have been drawn to them and to the dynamics of rendering vernacular into vehicular and vice versa.

Artist's Statement  on recent works
Artist's Statement on recent works